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Hello everybody, I hope you're all safe at home, how are you spending your "free" time? Or are you working more then ever these days because of smart working? Today I'm going to speak about a project I have with some friends of mine: Musica Celtica. It is a no-profit association, for helping Celtic music (Irish, Scottish, German, Fantasy etc) to be known here in Italy. How it work? You can find us in every social, we sometimes organize events and we have a great website who's finally getting published in these days! My friend has worked on it for almost 4 years, during his free time. The project, we know, is really ambitious, but, when it will be ready, it will connect all the people around this world, from the Artist, to the Festivals, such as Artisans and Press!

So, what did I work on today? Here I am my first Video Tutorial for registering and creating a Private Profile on!

I really hope you'll join us!

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