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To stream or not to stream

Hello everybody,

I'm here after 24 h of full immersion in Musica Celtica's Facebook Page. What happened? I've created the group for our followers on the page, so that they can keep in touch, share their music, their favorites videos etc. I'm happy about the reaction to the new group! A lot of people is registering there and, I hope, will register also on our website which is turning into a Celtic Social Media for connecting Musicians, Festivals, all the people who works around this word plus, obviously, people who love Celtic Music! However, I suppose I'll start making streaming video, I suppose it will be something like that: - on Facebook: singing alone or with other musicians - on Instagram: "ghironda" studying from the beginning a new instrument - on Youtube: covers and max 5 minutes tutorial by things I need to make for gdr - on Twitch: "making of" the tutorials, chatting and hearing music What do you think about?

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