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What happens?

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long absence but I had some unexpected path ... where could I start:

Musica Celtica

The second edition of the Musica Celtic Music Awards ended and due to the covid and the expectation of various confirmations, we finally managed to make the Final on February 12th ... since then, due to complications, I am still working to upload the frame, from the Final, on Tik Tok and Instagram and, Paolo, is finishing work on the trophies (a part has already been sent, but due to the cold, several trophies, in the creation phase, have failed and ... we are late ... and in the meantime the voting phase of Round I of the III edition ends on the 31st!

p.s. Did I tell you that Paolino resigned for health reasons and now I am the President?

The music site, I told you I started working on, after months of dedicated work, which caused me most of the delays mentioned above, has interrupted the collaboration, so I have removed the link from last post.


We have remained at Earth Song ... In the meantime they went out:

Turn the page


ed, oggi, Goodnight Moon

In the meantime I started working as a Broadcaster for Bigo Live, with the id: ixia (in case you want to come and look for me! I'm having fun creating make-ups, which I'm then sharing on Instagram, and singing!

Hello everybody!

See you soon! 💖

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