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Bigo Live - Ixia

Hello everybody!

I hope to find you well, I'm keeping pretty busy, even if not with live shows.

This last year and a half has been tiring and, above all, I found myself reinventing myself in order to continue singing and not stay locked in the house. In case you were wondering: I'm still in a wheelchair, but now I sing and do my makeup online almost daily! But let's go ahead and proceed in order.

In March last year, I started working as a Broadcaster on Bigo Live. If you want to participate in my live shows, you can find me here (it's a mobile application).

Working on the platform, in addition to singing, I started doing special make-up and thanks to the support of the Luce agency (😍) where I joined, I was among the first teachers on the platform, starting with Special Make-up lessons!

This is my last poster 😍

In addition to Bigo Live, I am working for Musica Celtica with two interesting news:

- the Musica Celtica winter event, in which the winners of the Musica Celtica Music Awards will be announced, and they will be allowed to apply for the spring/summer performance which will decide the winner of Best Show

- Loreena McKennit will have two Italian dates in March, and we have 4 free tickets per date! 2 of them have already been won by our users! (we are organizing the next games, these days, to win them 😍💚) If you don't want to miss any news on the matter, follow us and sign up on the Musica Celtica website!

I wish you a wonderful day 💖

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