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Ops I did it again...

Hello everybody!

As I was telling you on my last blog post, so many things have happened...

So, let's start from the beginning!

4 rounds are been voted and now it's time for the Final Round! There are 33 finalists for 33 different categories from all over the world and I wrote to all of them to announce it and explain to them how they can be voted... I wrote an article and dedicated to this Vlog #6 from Musica Celtica (yes I started a Vlog for Musica Celtica, you can find the episode's playlist here ) I've also started a daily short blog on the new Musica Celtica Patreon's account, where I illustrate what it's happening in our "family" backstage

As I told you, I started working for Indieffusione website (I assist users on the website and Twitter's account).

They really work hard for helping indie artists, so I'm very happy to work with them. This year, there are more formats and programs, on radio FM also and, we're starting to discuss a new format for their Twitch account about songs that are not written in the Italian language! Ixia From the last blog post, two videos have been published: "Earth Song" (Michael Jackson's cover)

and "Turn the page" (Bob Seger's cover).

I had a plan for the next two covers, but I'm having some issues.. let's see what happens! Would you like to support my work, choose my cover of the month, or just have early access to my content? Please join my account on Patreon 🤩

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