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Lords! and much more

Updated: May 6, 2021

Hello everybody!

Have you ever played a video games on your mobile?

I have been playing Lords Mobile for over five years and, some days ago, I entered a #competition with my guild ( #R3v ) and this is the result:

There's much more! The competition has ended and, #LordsMobile has made a video with the most liked #videos... would you like to see it?

And it's not all!

Do you remember, I told you that, even if I didn't pass to the #Final in Sanremo for #SanremoRock, I've been on #Ariston Stage during the show?

You know this summer I met some really great persons: Catia Fabbri who organized the #Lazio competition, Jean-Michel Byron from #Toto, Ivan Margari and the Bad Medicine during the event!

When I went to #Sanremo for the semifinal event and I didn't make it to the Final, they made me this great gift, inviting me to partecipate to this performance, on #AristonStage where I also met Vittorio De Scalzi from #NewTrolls!

So... I really want to thank all of them for this moment: I'll never forget! And there's still another news: I'm on Patreon!

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